Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Microword Corporations

Today's Scam Letter

LINK: http://www.microword.com/


We are pleased to inform you of the released results of the Sweepstakes Promotion organized by Microword Corporations, in conjunction with the foundation for the promotion of software products, held this March, 2009 here in Madrid, Spain. Where your email address emerged as one of the online winning emails, in the 3rd category and therefore attracted a cash award of 450,000.00 (Four Hundred and Fifty Thousand Euros Only) and a Toshiba laptop.

This is incredible! Was I entered into the contest by buying a Microword product? I mean, I installed a copy of my friend's software on my computer that was made by that corporation: Windows View, or Vista or something. Is that your company? Do you know Bill Gates (is that his name, the rich guy?)?

I was unaware of the foundation for the promotion of software products. Is this some kind of a solicitation for me to donate to that foundation?

And if the 3rd category wins $450,000 Euros and a Toshiba laptop, what do the other categories win?

Can I even use Euros here? I am in America and we use "dollars" (they do in Canada, too, but not US dollars).

Oh, and why do I get $450,000 Euros and a Toshiba laptop. I mean, not that I won't take the computer (is it new?) but I think I can actually buy one or two of those with that kind of money!!! Right??? Haha!

To begin your claim, file the release of your winning by contacting our Foreign Transfer Manager via email or by telephone below.

Mr. Bobby Williams
Tel/ 0034 645 749 452
Fax/ 0034 911 817 496
Email: microword.winnersinfo@gmail.com

I hate to sound picky, but those don't even look like phone numbers, so that's why I am writing to you instead. Frankly, those look like lottery numbers or the 'key' I had to type in to get Windows View to work.

This Email Lottery is sponsored by Microword Corporations and all the members of MSFT Word Resource Consortium Software Promotion Companies including Intel Group, Toshiba and Dell Computers. This internet E-mail draw is held periodically and is organized to encourage the use of the Internet and promote computer literacy worldwide.

I'm glad Microword is heading this up. They have a great reputation. I know their stuff really good.

How come I didn't win something from Dell? Are you holding out on me? I actually like Dell better than Toshiba, cuz Dell is made in America. Nothing against your country Europe.



Mrs.Yolanda Fernando
Promotions Manager

Thank you Mrs. Fernando (can I call you Yolanda? I love the espaƱol sound of that!) Get back to me soon!

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  1. Yep, I filed the claim, and they want me to pay the cheque costs in front. These people really think we are stupid.

  2. I receifed exectly the same mail yesterday august 12, 2010 so they didn't had the inspiration to write a fresh new text....hahha.
    Typing there name at Google (before starting to spend the money or contact them)learned me what I already knew. It's 100% SCAM.
    So be warned!
    Good luck

    Poor Guy from Holland.


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