Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Date: January 20, 2010 2:49:15 AM PST

Spanish888 Corporation Promotions
Foreign Costumers Unit: Galicia, Spain
Web-Link : http://es.888. [edited]

Reference Number: MKQ/811/PPD

Okay, I have this odd reference number written down, prepared to claim my huge prize. Thanks!

Date: 18/01/2010

Wait a sec... when is the first day of the 18th month? This is America ver here, and we do not do dates like that. We stop at 12.

Does it wrap back around and become June again? I just don;t get it.

Spanish888 Corporation Official Final Winnings Notification

If this a Final Winning? Like, I can't win anything again? Or is this a Final Notification, where I can rest assured you won't send me any more notices ever again? Either way, I do hope you write back. There's a lot of money on the line!

Your email address has won, in the casino automatic online sweepstakes promotions.

Hello!? My e-mail address won? My e-mail address cannot collect. My e-mail address has no bank account, and, frankly cannot even drive yet.

Your email address was selected randomly from the automatic computer generated email online promotion draw, no participation ticket sold and your email address emerged as one of the online winners in Category A+.

You guys have an automatic computer? Sweet! Mine is completely manual. In fact I have to pedal just to get enough power to check my e-mail.

This attracts a prize of three hundred and fifty thousand Euros 350,000.00 cash.

Wow, I totally see, now, the need for an 'automatic computer.' Mine doesn't attract anything except other geeks who want to check out my power supply. And none of them are hot chicks.

I'll be I will be a chick magnet, though, with 350Gs of Euro cash. I don't know the exact conversion formula, but that's probably over 190 USD!!!

Prizes will be paid to lucky winners by our nominated paying bank and lucky winners that leave close to Spain are obliged to come to our office in Spain to begin their claim Legalization process.

This leads me to believe there are 'unlucky winners' by inference. Did you mean to imply there might not be any money available for me if I am not a lucky winner?

Also, I live in a small town in California, so that's the only place I leave from. I never leave close to Spain.

There has to be some other way to start the claim Legalization process. I mean, we can't leave it in its current illegal condition, now can we.

For more information's, on how to claim your prize, do contact the claim processing paying bank operation manager via email or telephone including your Reference Number: MKQ/811/PPD.

I notice you use the possessive form of "information's" and a simple Google Search using my manual computer shows that MANY people have access to my unique Reference Number. Why doesn't this surprise me.

Contact: Mr. Abbal Bidson
Office Tel: +34672533162

This promotion is organized by Spanish888 casino to advertise and to promote our website, and as well to encourage the use of the Internet and to promote computer literacy worldwide.

Well, you've encouraged this fellow to use the internet, but I think that I will stay away from your worldwide literacy promotion. You use the possessive form of "information's."

Which — as everyone know's — is wrong.

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Monday, January 18, 2010


Subject:     INFORMATION
Date:     January 15, 2010 1:54:33 PM PST

Before I respond, may I congratulate you on obtaining both kelly222 and kelly1000 from Yahoo Hong Kong's free service. Did you also manage to get the rest from kelly223 through kelly999? Which one should I write to until we get this minor financial matter wrapped up?

Lloyds TSB Group
plc 25 Gresham

(Were you thinking for a moment there? Or did you forget my name? What is the meaning of 7 periods?)

My name is Kelly Brown,i am the Auditor General and computer manager
here in our Bank (Lloyds Bank TSB London).I have only written to seek your
indulgence and assistance.

Wow! Auditor General and computer manager? you must be busy. Were you ever an auditor lance corporal or anything lower like that? And what happens if you don't manage the computer? Does it send out scam e-mails?

I wish to make a transfer involving a huge amount of base 15,000,000.00 {Fifteen Million B.Pounds Sterling} of Late Rudi Hermanto out of the bank,

Hold on a sec. Are you transferring 15,000,000 pounds of the Late Rudi Hermanto? Or his money?

And why do you call him Late Rudi? There was a girl in my high school we called Fast Trudy. Coincidence?

he died a long time ago (on records),

Oh. That explains his lateness.

And another weird coincidence: Trudy died on a stack of cassette tapes.

till now the account remained dormant.

Well let's you and I see what we can do to fix that?

I am proposing to make this transfer to a designated bank account of your choice. Thus, for your indulgence and support, I propose an offer of 25% of the total amount to be yours after the transfer has been successfully concluded.

Are you kidding me? You'll pay me $375,000 for transferring all that to the bank of my choice? Sweet deal.

I'm going to find out what bank Bernie Madoff used, and have you transfer it to them. I don't think they asked a lot of questions, like "Are you sure this isn;t a scam?" So we should be safe.

Now that I think about it, this seems terribly risky and, as they say, "I smell a rat." I don't know why they say that, but they do. Anyway, I'm not moving any further with this plan you're hatching unless you agree to 26 or 27%. Do I look stupid to you?

Your full name and phone number/fax is needed in the first place.

Alright. I will go to the first place and tape a piece of paper with my full name and phone/fax under the entry rug, right hand corner closest to the door.

Kindly reply me stating your interest, and I shall furnish you with the details and necessary procedure with which to make the transfer progress.

I think you already have the most pertinent information. Lets proceed.

I am anxiously awaiting your response.

Oh, and I am yours.

My Information will be given to you in my next mail. Reply me immediately.

Please consider this as 'my reply you.'

Thanks and God bless You.

Regards and Respect.

Kelly Brown

Looking forward to being insanely rich without working.

The mediocre speed Dave

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Keen to meet new people

regard, sweetheart

Maybe it's just me, but that's an unusual salutation.

Well, I start with saying that I am a special girl!!! I am cheerful,
kind:hostess and queen.

Wow! I'll say! I have never had a queen write to me before. Especially the cheerful, kind, hostess-type of queen. I am delighted to hear from you.

I like interesting people, whose who can keep up the conversation.

Me, too, but frankly, I think that is asking a lot these days. What with the long time between e-mails and instant messaging, I admit that sometimes the lag bores me. But I do try.

I respect people who take responsibly for their words.

Do you mean that? I mean, that's serious stuff. Does that represent your heart? Your beliefs?

I like to enjoy life the way it is.

Me, too. Except for the death part. I could do without that, quite honestly.

I am calm, emotionally stable, positive and friendly

Hey, that was kind of weird. You posted a link to nowhere in the middle of your sentence. It that part of your emotionally stable self?

I dream to meet reliable, clever, kind man and create harmonious partnership and have happy future together. I like home coziness and warmth of beautiful feelings between people. I value reliable character, diligence, intelligence, sense of humor, ability to compromise, ability to love, kindness, desire to find a partner in life, sincerity.

Well, I don't have any of that, but I have lots of money and I am looking for someone to spend it on in trade for long walks on the beach, holding hands, drinking piƱa coladas and getting caught in the rain. Fortunately, you admire compromise. Are you willing to give all of those things up for money?

my turtledove, Having good time!

Yes, Having good time to you, too, my sea urchin.

Turtle Dave

PS - I feel a little bit 'not so special' knowing you wrote this to many other people. Please, reassure me by writing back to tell me that this is not actually a scam letter written by a man in Nigeria who will send me a picture of some random beautiful woman scraped off the internet, claiming to be her, and then developing a relationship with me, then pleading for a little bit of money, and then more and more, and so on.

Not that I don't trust you.

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