Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Date: January 20, 2010 2:49:15 AM PST

Spanish888 Corporation Promotions
Foreign Costumers Unit: Galicia, Spain
Web-Link : http://es.888. [edited]

Reference Number: MKQ/811/PPD

Okay, I have this odd reference number written down, prepared to claim my huge prize. Thanks!

Date: 18/01/2010

Wait a sec... when is the first day of the 18th month? This is America ver here, and we do not do dates like that. We stop at 12.

Does it wrap back around and become June again? I just don;t get it.

Spanish888 Corporation Official Final Winnings Notification

If this a Final Winning? Like, I can't win anything again? Or is this a Final Notification, where I can rest assured you won't send me any more notices ever again? Either way, I do hope you write back. There's a lot of money on the line!

Your email address has won, in the casino automatic online sweepstakes promotions.

Hello!? My e-mail address won? My e-mail address cannot collect. My e-mail address has no bank account, and, frankly cannot even drive yet.

Your email address was selected randomly from the automatic computer generated email online promotion draw, no participation ticket sold and your email address emerged as one of the online winners in Category A+.

You guys have an automatic computer? Sweet! Mine is completely manual. In fact I have to pedal just to get enough power to check my e-mail.

This attracts a prize of three hundred and fifty thousand Euros 350,000.00 cash.

Wow, I totally see, now, the need for an 'automatic computer.' Mine doesn't attract anything except other geeks who want to check out my power supply. And none of them are hot chicks.

I'll be I will be a chick magnet, though, with 350Gs of Euro cash. I don't know the exact conversion formula, but that's probably over 190 USD!!!

Prizes will be paid to lucky winners by our nominated paying bank and lucky winners that leave close to Spain are obliged to come to our office in Spain to begin their claim Legalization process.

This leads me to believe there are 'unlucky winners' by inference. Did you mean to imply there might not be any money available for me if I am not a lucky winner?

Also, I live in a small town in California, so that's the only place I leave from. I never leave close to Spain.

There has to be some other way to start the claim Legalization process. I mean, we can't leave it in its current illegal condition, now can we.

For more information's, on how to claim your prize, do contact the claim processing paying bank operation manager via email or telephone including your Reference Number: MKQ/811/PPD.

I notice you use the possessive form of "information's" and a simple Google Search using my manual computer shows that MANY people have access to my unique Reference Number. Why doesn't this surprise me.

Contact: Mr. Abbal Bidson
Office Tel: +34672533162

This promotion is organized by Spanish888 casino to advertise and to promote our website, and as well to encourage the use of the Internet and to promote computer literacy worldwide.

Well, you've encouraged this fellow to use the internet, but I think that I will stay away from your worldwide literacy promotion. You use the possessive form of "information's."

Which — as everyone know's — is wrong.

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  1. Thanks very much for your blog. I've been congratulated that many times I've lost count. I should be a billionaire by now but-hey this is the real world. Bro


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