Friday, April 9, 2010

ORDER (Mike Williams)

Hello there,

No, Hello There. You're there and I'm here.

I will like to place an order with you to my location in Japan, kindly let me know if you can charge directly to my credit card for payment.

You will like to? Are you aware your bad grammar is a tip-off to the fact that you are neither Japanese nor placing a legitimate order?

I have a shipper who can also get the order to my doorstep in Japan.

Don't tell me, let me guess... You will accidentally or purposely overpay me for my "products" (even though you have not specified what you are interested in, or that you even know what I sell), then you will direct me to pay you the balance by giving cash to the shipper you send, or making a check out to you and wiring it. Your actual payment will be bogus, and I will be out not only my cash, but also the "products" I handed to your shipper.

Await your timely reply.

How's this? I wrote back immediately. Let's do business, Mr. Scammer.

Thank you.

Yeah right. Is anyone in Nigeria named Mike?

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