Thursday, May 20, 2010

Highly Confidential

This one is short and sweet, and has all the earmarks of a scam: multiple e-mail addresses, bad grammar and poor American English formatting of punctuation and grammar.
Date: May 19, 2010

I am under the impression that this is Highly Confidential. May I tell my friends at school? Some of them are really gabby girls, but usually when I tell them not to tell anyone, they only tell a few people, so I think we're okay. I just have to tell someone I am going to be rich! Please?

Dear Friend, this is Mr. Ming Yang from Hong Kong. I am sending you this message concerning a Business Proposal of 24.5MUSD and I want you to partner with me in this project. This business with benefit you a lot.

First of all, I do want to do business with you, but how much is 24.5 'Moosed?' I'm not saying it won't benefit me or anything, it probably will, but before you start asking me for my social security number and stuff, I should probably know what MUSD is.

Maybe I can't spend MUSD at the mall. I don't really know.

Please contact me back with the below address for details.

This one is very different from the other. You must be rich to have 2 whole email addresses from Yahoo.

Thanks. I await your prompt response.

Mr. Ming Yang

Great. I await your prompt sending me the money! lol

Suzy Dumas

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