Friday, April 15, 2011

Reply back to me

From: joe hassan
Subject: Reply back to me
Date: April 15, 2011 9:08:48 AM PDT
First of all, Mr. Morma, I must thank you for the extra care you took in making sure this email reached me. I have to tell you it might never have occirred to me to Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) the email to the same email address just in case the To: didn't work.

Not only was it double-safe, it was clandestine. That's how I knoew this was a legitimate, espionage kind of communication.

Just so you know, I am typing this very quietly, too. Shhhhh....

Attention Please
Hey, you have my attention! No need to shout!

I am Hassan A Morma, Formal financial Adviser/ Manager to Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, the reason why am contacting you is to help claim (US$5.347M) fund i managed to move out for our own use and deposited into a security firm vault.
Well, I must say, the name Gaddafi caught my attention, though admittedly, there are at current 27 seemingly legitimate spellings of that name beginning with anything from Q to G to a K (these are characters in our English alphabet which used to have rules).

If you can help, Contact me for more information. Because i told the security Company the consignment/ fund belong to a Contractor who ask us to help him quickly flown it out of the War zone and deposited with them.
This is great! Do you think they will believe I am really a Contractor? The only think I have ever contracted is a cold! And I don't even have a plane to help him flown the money out of the War zone. Are you sure I can be of any help?

Is anyone going to believe this? (I mean, I sure hope so... I could use a little cash.

Send your Full Name, Address, Country, Age, Occupation and Photo Copy of Your ID or International EMAIL.
Well, okay... I guess I could, although I'm not clear on why you wrote to me from a different email address than the one you want me to write back to. This makes things very confusing to me.

Oh wait, I get it... this is part of this spy-stuff we're doing. Right? Okay, my lips are sealed. I'll send the stuff you requested as soon as I receive the following from you: a picture of your family at Christmas time, a signed autograph of, Kaddaf...however you spell it.

But If my offer is of no appeal to you, delete this message and forget I ever contacted you.

Hassan A Morma
Oh, right... like I'm going to forget being offered a chance to help transfer $5,347,000 out of your country! You're kidding, right?

Hey, may I call you Joe?

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