Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Your Payment is Ready

The Original Scam Letter

新しいメールアドレス: dr_goodluckubawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww@yahoo.co.jp

Attn: Beneficiary,

Dear Dr. Uba, (may I call you Goodluck? It seems appropriate, somehow, with this notice of new riches for me).

First of all, let me congratulate you on you splendid use of foreign characters in your e-mail to me. Is that Japanese? You must have a different version of the Apple Keyboard than I do, because I cannot find those characters anywhere. I tried pulling off some of my own keys to see if there were any other characters under the English ones I have, but now I can't type certain words at all.

Second, I am amazed that in today's world with all the people clamoring for blogs and e-mail addresses that you were able to log into Yahoo and snag that e-mail address before anyone else got it. Nearly everyone in my Young Republicans Who Still Like George W. Bush Club got Yahoo e-mail addresses with 17 Ws added to their name. We thought it was brilliant, and so must have you.

And while we're being all formal and all, please address me as "Doctor." In future communication, please start with "Dear Dr. Ficiary." Thanks

It was resolved after the Board meetings today by the foreign Remittance office to release all outstanding payment of $3.5m waiting for transfer as we began this first fiscal payment of the year. You are to reconfirm your full Name, telephone for your payment.

Am I ever glad you fellows got that resolved.

Really? It's that simple? $3.5 Million US Dollars is waiting for me? And all I have to do is reconfirm my name?


Dr. Ben E. Ficiary, MD, PhD, MDiv and Zero
(That's 3 degrees above zero)

I will follow the final instruction to telephone for my payment when you supply a phone number.


Dr Goodluck Uba

- Dr Goodluck Uba

I know... "A name so nice I had to say it twice..."

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  1. Had many scamming things happen, (luckily, only actually got scammed on one - gig tickets) so been reading your blog with much interest and it has given me a damn good laugh at the replies you offer - you go Dave and get em - all a lot of b......ds.


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