Wednesday, May 6, 2009


(Seriously! That was the Subject of the e-mail I got)

The Original Scam Letter

Subject: ªÑ²¼¥æ³Î¥N¹Ô´Ú
Date: May 10, 2009 2:42:36 PM PDT



¡°¨ ¤ÀÃÒ°·«O¥d¦³¥¿±`¤u§@§Y¥i¹w ɲ{ª÷³Ì°ª10¸U
¡°©± ±, Ó¤H¤u§@«Ç¥i¾Ì¯²«Î«´¬ù¹w ɲ{ª÷³Ì°ª30¸U
¡°¤u°Ó²¼¶K¿Ä¸ê100¸U¤º ·~¬É³Ì§C®§
¡°¤½¥q²¼, t³d¤H¥»¤H²¼,ÀY¦¸ É´Ú,§Q®§µ´¹ï¦AÀu´f
¡°¹q¤l·s¶QVSÃÒ¨éÀç·~ û«OÃÒ·~¬É³Ì§C§Q²v±M®×¹ê¬I¤¤
±M·~¤H û10¤ÀÄÁ²{³õ§Ö³t¼f¥ó,·í¤é§Y¥i¼·´Ú
§Ú ̤£ª±¸Ø¤j¤£¹êªº¼Æ¦r¹CÀ¸
§Ú Ì¥u¬O¹ê¹ê¦b¦bªº°µ¨Æ
º¦¸ É´Ú,±zªº¥Ì W,ºÃ¼{§Ú ̳£ª¾¹D...
Åwªï¥Í·N¤H¨Ó¹q¤ñ¸û,§O®a¦³ ɤ]¥iÂà¶U °®§
²{¥¿Àu´f´Á¶¡¡A¤@³q¹q¸Ü±M û¨ì©²¡A¬°±zªA°È¡CL/C¥N¹Ô»È¦æ´«³æ¥ø·~¡A¤½¥q¡A t³d¤H¯Ê¶gÂàª÷§ä§Ú( ¦³ÁÙ´Ú¯à¤OªÌ)


¸Û«H«O±K, Ó¤H¸ê®Æµ´¤£¥~¬ª!¥¿¬£¸gÀç,ÅwªïÀu½è«È¤áªº¥[¤J!!!

¤ä«È²¼ ¶K²{ »È¦æ§C§Q²v¿ù¹L³o¦¸¤£ª¾ÁÙ nµ¥¦h¤Ö¦~¤u¼t¾÷±ñ½è©ã¾á«O«~ ɶU


Man! You eat with that mouth?

Ha! It's just a joke... see, there was a typo in the first paragraph, and it kind of changed the meaning of... um... well never mind... back to what you were saying...

Look, first of all, I agree with everything you said. Better than I could have said myself.


But just to make sure we are on the same page, when you said "¶r«æªA°È±M½u¢¯¢¸¢²¢·¡Ð¢±¢¸¢·¡Ð¢¯¢³¢¸(24H)" you seem to be suggesting that it all boils down to 24H, but my friend Bob was thinking there might be an error in your calculations.

Get back to me on that, won't you, so we can move ahead.

And here's the answer to your test question: A tall glass, two scoops of vanilla ice cream, some root beer and an elephant!

Did I get it right?

Waiting to hear back,

Poindexter Wizzard

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1 comment:

  1. I had a similar experience. I was stupid enough to get scammed the first time for approx 3 grand.
    Never happen again thanks to sites like this. I have heard from a new one recently from Fiji,
    George Kutty. Anyone heard this name before? Beware.


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